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Jan 04, 2015 at 12:38 PM

Run Time error : Load_Type_Verson_Mismatch issue.



Recently we faced two issues in our data loading from ECC to BI systems:

1. IDOCs getting stuck in [ SM58 ] in source ECC system and needs to be manually processed for all the processes [ Info Package ] in process chain . It was showing DB >> ERROR >>0 and Destination None , but manually processing it executed it with correction BI destination from ECC system

-- This issue is not there as of now but keeping a watch for it.

2. We have process chain with 270 steps and many Info Packages scheduled in it , after the 1st issue, now this issue has emerged

-- As soon as InfoPackage JOB gets scheduled it goes red ( 50 - 60 % of the times ) and checking error it says : Job cancelled in source system :

-- Checking in source system ST22 it says : Load_Type_Version_Mismatch, restart the program, The Abap runtime system detected that the dictionary-type ' HRMS_BW_IS_ATTENDANCE' changed.

-- Sometimes restarting twice or thrice or even fourth time, it works

--- But doing so for so many info-packages seems impossible as it needs constant monitoring.

EX: we have many datasources with monthly infopackages in each of them like DataSource A has 12 Infopackages for each month of 2014.

Some infopackages run fine but some as soon as gets scheduled turns red with that message as mentioned above . So it's a very random thing but happening frequently.

This issue emerge all of sudden in last 4-5 days and for the last 6 months it wasn't there

Please suggest on issue 1 and especially 2nd as it's still there . I have contacted basis team for this.