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Digital Personnel Files SYNC Process Documents, BIG PUZZLE!

Hello all,

Im working on DPF and HCM Processes and Forms for a year, we utilized Adobe forms for many HR Processes but since i started with DPF i always challenge with big question.

In process of creating a personnel record for FIRST time (PASR_DPF_CREATE) all Archived Links automatically link to Employee Record based on record model. but its Only work for Archived Link documents and contents does not work in a same way for Processed Documents like Adobe Forms.

Even using SRM_RECORD_SYNC program it is not possible to link old process documents to employee record.

But Why???

any idea about linking old process documents to employee records?



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jan 06, 2015 at 12:03 AM

    can you share your screenprint for this, I want to know which link you are referring to? The synchronization feature addresses only the below 2 scenarios. 1. If we add a new node to a record model then we can get the newly added node into the records by synchronizing them with the model. 2. If we delete a node from a record by mistake than we can synchronize the record to get the deleted node back. Synchronization doesn't take care of text changes or role changes. These have to be done manually because the user might have changed the roles at record level and he doesn't want this role to be synchronized with the record model. Please have a look at the note 822079 for more information regarding synchronization. For synchronization from backend the report program SRM_RECORD_SYNC can be used. To know more about this kindly refer to note 1305731.

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    • Dear Siddharth,

      Thank you for your prompt reply and informative comment. I would explain my challenge once again to clarify my problem.

      As far as i know, when we create DPF and employee record all documents will show up in DPF for employee based on Archived Links. for example employee resume. I have created my Record Model for Personnel Digital Files, I have configure DPF in SRMREGEDIT to show my required links.

      As a matter of fact it works as expected, but when it comes to those documents that called "Process Documents" unfortunately nothing show up in personnel record.

      We use Adobe Forms for personnel to request Loan, if an employee fill the form and finish process after creating a DPF record, then the snapshot of form and attachment show up in DPF without problem.


      We use Adobe Forms (which are considered as process documents in record management) before creation of DPF, and now when we create a personnel records it does not automatically assign OLD Process Documents to Employee Record just like Archived Link. We suppose it might link to personnel record when we create a record using PASR_DPF_CREATE.