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Jan 02, 2015 at 09:41 PM

F.13 GL tolerance set but not automatically clearing


Hello - I have a scenario. I think I know the answer but would like if an expert can confirm.

GL Account tolerance is created in OBA0 for $50.00

Tolerance group is assigned to the GL account in FS00

Automatic clearing using ZUONR is set in OB74

The account usually clears small differences in F.13 as expected. If I have entry A for 100.00 and entry B for 75.00, it recognizes it is within tolerance and writes off the 25.00.

If there is a posting with no off-set, F.13 will not clear/write it off even though tolerance flag is set. If I have entry A for 25.00 but no entry B, it will not write off entry A as part of the tolerance.

Can someone please confirm that this is SAP functionality. My thought is that if I created an entry B for let's say 1.00, then it would write off the 24.00 difference. But, because there is no entry B - no off set - F.13 won't just write off an entry.

Is that correct? If not, why won't it write off the 25.00?

Many thanks for any insight.