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Jan 02, 2015 at 06:58 PM

Gas Factor ITHG cannot be defined uniquely (BIL108)


Hi All,

In our EHP6 env we are using '03 - Quantity Determination during Meter Reading' functionality for gas division.

We have configured thermal gas billing and for this following have been created:

a) Volume Correction Factor - This is created with 02 thermal gas billing factor (inclusive of temperature and pressure).

VCF is to be calculated based on daily weighted averages of temperature and pressure.

For this:

1) Temperature area is defined and values are defined in TE448 table.

2) Weighting Key (Degree Day) is defined and values are maintained in TE107 table.

3) Gas Pressure Determination checkbox is ticked so that gas pressure is determined via Gas Pressure Area defined.

4) Air Pressure Ares is defined and daily air pressure area values are maintained.

5) Temperature and Pressure extra fields are selected.

6) No Special VCF procedure checkbox is selected so that standard controls defined in VCF procedure are followed.

b) Calorific Value Procedure - Calorific value district is defined and daily values are maintained in TE450 table.

CVP is defined to calculate arithmetic mean of daily values stored in TE450 table.

When actual meter read is entered via EL28 tcode, error - "Gas Factor ITHG cannot be defined uniquely" is returned and no expected MR is calculated.

I believe this error is caused due to the new quantity determination procedure - 03 (introduced in EHP6) defined in customising where gas consumption (in MJ) has to be calculated on save of meter read.

On debugging this issue further we found that there is issue in calculating the gas factor and internal table yt_ithg (SAP program - SAPLEA50, Include - LEA50F02) contains more than one entry. SAP only expects one entry with gas factor calculated.

Can you please let me know if anyone else has encountered this error or is there an issue in our VCF procedure defined?