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BDC-recording, only 8 entries captured, multiple selection of select option.

i am trying to create a bdc for module pool(module pool with selection screen)

For some reasons i won't be able to upload data from file or convert module pool into executable report.

While recording i am using multiple selection of select-options on selection screen of module pool.

But while recording i noticed that only 8 entries (out of 100, can be any,dynamic, entered in multiple selection) are captured. this is because only 8 rows are displayed directly and for rest we have to scroll again and again till the end.

Is there exists some way, we just paste entries and need not to scroll till the end(because at runtime, we don't know how many entries will be there.)

I am using recording  to fill BDCDATA. and using this internal table in statement.


Please guide .

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3 Answers

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    Jan 02, 2015 at 05:37 AM

    Hi Abhishek,

    Can you please attach your BDC code for better understanding of what are you doing exactly?

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    • Former Member Viraj Shah

      Viraj Shah wrote:

      Hi Abhishek,

      I have reviewed your code, and done changes in it and tested on my system. Now it is working exactly you want. Please use below code.

      report ZT5

              no standard page heading line-size 255.

      include bdcrecx1.


      data :v_index TYPE char2 VALUE '00'.

      data v_string TYPE string.


      SELECT * from vbak into  TABLE gtvbak UP TO 20 rows.

      perform open_group.

      perform bdc_dynpro      using 'ZT3' '1000'.

      perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_CURSOR'


      perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'


      LOOP AT gtvbak.

         perform bdc_dynpro      using 'SAPLALDB' '3000'.

         v_index = v_index + 1.

        concatenate 'RSCSEL-SLOW_I(' v_index ')' INTO v_string.

      "dont you think it should be

        concatenate 'RSCSEL_255-SLOW_I(' v_index ')' INTO v_string.

         IF v_index = 1.

           perform bdc_field       using 'BDC_OKCODE'





      thanks for the effort.

      But still i am very far from the objective.

      nothing is happening.

      have you paste entire code that it should contain.??

      see error

      s2.jpg (68.0 kB)
  • Jan 02, 2015 at 05:41 AM


    Of course, there is the 'Upload from clipboard' button (second last button in the 'Multiple Selection' screen), but first you need to get your entries onto the clipboard. I'm not sure if that is possible in BDC..

    As for repeatedly clicking 'Page Down', that is a common technique in BDC.  At runtime you know exactly how many entries have to be filled in, don't you? So the BDC session can be adjusted to suit.



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    • Hi Abhishek,

      You have to use the =P+ page down logic to user code to set the valued in input screen, based on your no of entries.

      Code would be like below to set the value in input screen,

      Loop at Your_internal_table.

           if sy-tabix eq 9.

                perform BDC_FIELD using 'BDC_OKCODE' '=P+' for page down



           and here the rest of the logic will be same.




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    Former Member
    Jan 02, 2015 at 09:22 AM

    thanks viraj. issue resolved.

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