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Jan 04, 2006 at 09:00 AM

Multiple receiver agreement detection.



Well i am developing a test application, which would be testing a system by sending a test idoc message from XI to the XI itself.

1. A HTTP client is used to a idoc as a xml file to the SAP XI.

2. Later the message is processed in the XI with the mappings etc & has to be transferred to a suitable receiver.

3. In order to do the step 2, i need to determine whether the message is a test message or some other normal message. Hence in the Receiver determination, i need an appropriate condition.

4. My problem is that i can search for a particular xml tag in the XPath of the test-idoc but i cannot determine whether its a normal message or not with an xpath expression. for example

my condition for the test receiver determination:





(=/ is not equals, i have no other symbol here).

The condition A is valid, but for a normal message B) has a problem. Since the tag SNDLAD does not exist at all in a normal message, it fails here. i also tried to check if there is anything like tag does not exist condition. but it is also not available.

Has anybody done something similar to this before. if yes please do write back. if its necessary i shall elaborate more in detail.