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Jan 01, 2015 at 05:08 AM

Issue with Order Maintain when extending the Quote to new sales org


Hi all,

My requirement is to copy one Quote to another. I am fine with this. I am passing all the tables like config,orgman, sales etc. But my issue is

when passing the new sales org( orginal quote have another sales org) to ORGMAN Table to ORDER_MAINTAIN Function Module. When I am passing new sales org I am not getting any items in the newly created Quotation. But I am getting all the items displayed in the newly created Quotation when I am passing the same Sales Org( Source Quotation Sale org only).

I checked from CRMD_ORDER also. First I copied one Quotation and then changed the sales org at header level and then saved by putting the break point in ORDER_MAINTAIN Function Module. I checked all the parameters passed to INPUT_FIELDS and ORGMAN Table and passed accordingly

in my program but still Items are not getting displayed in the newly created Quotation. There is no problem when I am copying the same Source Quotation Sales Org.

Please drop me with hints in this regard.