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Table: [tblUsers] - I Updated the "Active" Column from "Yes" to "No" - Can Still Access BPC

Hi BCP Community,

Re: Updating the tblUsers table via the BPC Application 7.5 Microsoft

We have user profiles in BPC 7.5. Per SOX, we do not want to delete their profiles. We updated the tblUsers table, column Active from "Y" to "N" via SQL. The user logged off and back on to BPC. The User was still able to access the BPC Application. We re-started IIS and SendGovernor prior to the user logging back-on to the BPC, Excel plugin. Still no success.

Besides removing a user from selected Teams, is there a way to update his/her status in BPC, automatically update the table and disable no-longer-employed users?

Thank you. Barry 

Steps for Reconstruction

SQL Used:
Update dbo.tblUsers
Set Active = 'N'
where UserID = 'XXXX'

Previous SAP Note numbers reviewed 1580854 and 1299169

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1 Answer

  • Jan 01, 2015 at 08:08 PM

    Hi Barry,

    a possibility is to create a new task profile without tasks and assigning it to the user you want to block same thing for the member access profile.

    Another possibilty is to create history tables with the same structure of the security tables (user, teams, task, map...) adding eventually also a start and end date and maintaing these manually (delete from standard tables and insert into history tables).



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    • Hi Barry,

      updating via SQL the active field is the only possibility you have but you're right saying it doesn't work, the first time you change or insert one user in the admin console the active status of all user become 'Y'.

      I think this field is not intended for your purpose but when you copy or restore an appset you have all users disabled only the sysadmin works so you're able to do the checks and activities you need before to open the appset to other users.

      That's why I suggest the other options.