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customer complaint notification issue

Can anyone help me to understand the following:

We were finding in one of the notification that there were two tasks.

Task 1 was Not approved so approver wanted to see the responsible persons comment before he approves the task.

While he was trying doing to do so he was not able to see the comment by the responsible person.

When we check to see the issue , we have noted that 2nd task was approved by the approver.

Does the approved status  of 2nd task would cause the comment in the Ist task to be in-visible.

Or could be some other reason .... pl. help.


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3 Answers

  • Dec 31, 2014 at 08:05 AM

    Are you referring task approval as marking it successful in SAP? Where (in which field) the responsible person enters the comments of work done?

    I don't think that the closure of 2nd task is linked in any way to 1st task and causing comments to be hidden. Could you please check Action Log in QM03 for this notification to confirm if the user has really entered any comments?


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  • Dec 31, 2014 at 12:14 PM

    Hi KK,

    Based on you issue description, I understand that the 2nd task got the system status TSRL/TSCO form TSOS, though the 1st task is still TSOS, without anything in the comment field.

    You can check it form VIQMSM-MATXT is blank or not for the closed task item, based on object number (OBJNR). The same thing you can also see form the Action log with respect time stamp, where the NEW value is the latest value as shown in the screenshot below (as correctly explained by Anand)

    There is no such control or dependency between 1st task and 2nd tasks in standard SAP. They are designed to work independent of one another.

    In realistic business scenarios, you may need to have additional controls to address customer specific scenarios. Now, if you wish to have this "Text" field as mandatory for any task to record it by the "VW" partner, you can do it by two ways -

    a) Use screen exit (check scr no. 7204 and 7120) and/or include "LIQS0U21" (Please double check with ABAP team). This will do the runtime validation always you try to flag TSRL/TSCO. But it will not block form processing the notification.

    b) Make the field MATXT mandatory for all tasks through configuration following the path below -.

    Quality Management => Quality Notifications => Notification Creation => Notification Type => Define Screen Templates => Field Selection: General Screens => Influencing => Notification type (VIQMEL-QMART) => Contents = Add your notification type (Ex, Q1, Q2..) => ENTER

    Task text (VIQMSM-MATXT) => Change the radio button form "Input" to "Req." => Save.

    This will block the processing of the notification, and the user has to always fill the text as soon as he enters the Tasks. So it can't be empty.

    Either you select the option a) or b) you will still need to have one more enhancement in place in such a way that you can't flag the 2nd task as "TSCO" unless and otherwise the 1st task has the status "TSCO". If both task 1 and 2 is possible to be worked together paralelly, you can still get the status TSOS => TSRL and so please don't block this status TSRL by that enhancement. This is the technical fix for the issue.

    But at times, customer may wish to manage this task level control without enhancements by using SOP's & user training in the plant. If so, you will not need this enhancement and only a) or b) will be sufficient to solve your issue.

    Please check and feedback.



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  • Jan 05, 2015 at 05:57 AM

    Hi KK,

    Pls get back to us if you need any further inputs, else close this thread.



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