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cut over activities to implement Quality for fg ?

HI Gurus,

can any body Let Me know what are the Cut over activities Need to be done Before  Going To Implement Quality management To a Existing FG material.

At present Business is Not Using Quality process for FG materials know they want activate Quality type 04- GR from Production. so can any body let me Know What are all the Steps need to be taken before implementing the Quality for the FG"s.

we will have Pending Production orders,WIP orders, STO orders, Planned orders, sales orders so what will be the Impact if We activate the QM for the FG.

DO we need to close all the Above Elements Before Activating, please suggest the steps to be taken Before Activating the QM.



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1 Answer

  • Dec 31, 2014 at 07:28 AM

    Hi Mahesh, I don't think that you need to close existing orders for this! As QM is currently not active all the existing stock would be in unrestricted use.

    1. As per my understanding as soon as you activate 04 inspection type to any such material codes the next GR will post the stock in QI. For partially processed/GRed orders also.
    2. The only precaution that you need to take is you should create inspection plans for these materials before you activate inspection type in material master.
    3. This will avoid CRTD lot status


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    • Hi Arijit, I Agree! The assumption for above thesis is there are 2 different systems (System A and System B). A is the legacy and B is new SAP system.The legacy system A could be SAP itself (probably with older version of SAP on different server) or any other different system. It becomes imperative to follow above steps when you are migrating to altogether a new different system. You should close all the transactions in A and should freeze the stock taking statements so that no new material movement or any GL posting is made in system A. Before any new transaction is made in system B, the initial situation at B should be same as that of A. And for this initial stock loading is done. Many more other transactions also like vendor and customer balances are considered here. So this would be wider outlook of entire cut-over activities in that way!

      But what about if it is the same system, the same server and the same plant? Do we need to upload the stock again even though it is already present?

      My understanding (if I read the original posting)_SAP (System B) is already implemented and PP module is in use. System A does not exist anymore. They would have certainly carried out mega cut-over when B went Live. So now the stocks are being built by GR against production order itself in B. If there exists an order of 100 PC against which 30 are already delivered (in B), these should be present in unrestricted use. Do we need to upload stock of 30 PC again here using 563? I think Mahesh's concern is about what would happen if he activates QM at this stage in the same system where MM and PP are already in use. My further query is do we really need to short close existing production order before activating 04 inspection type in to existing system and why?