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EDI separator and TPM

Hi All,

I went through the below document on Trading Partner Management ( TPM  ).…

I got some idea theoretically but I am having confusions on how to achieve practically.

In our case For Ex: The Inbound scenario we are developing is

Scenario1: AS2 sender to  EDISeparator Reciever .

Scenario2: EDISeparator Sender to  IDOC.

Scenario1 is common scenario which is to pick the EDI files from common VAN Mail Box.

Scenario2 we are planing as separate for each EDI messages for different customers.(more than 20 customers).

For Ex: Sender Id ,Qualifier,Receiver Id ,Qualifier we are planing to map separately for each sender ID's and Qualifiers.

If so number of EDISeperator Sender Channel  are increasing as like anything and this may going to be bad design I think and this made us to think on TPM as it is  able to find the sender id ,Qualifiers etc dynamically if my understanding is correct based on partner.

So please clarify my below doubts.

1. Is TPM Module configuration (TPMContentAccessModule) is possible only in EDISEparator Reciever channel?

2. Is there any possible way to reduce the number of EDISeparator Sender channel instead of maintaining different sender Id and Qualifiers in the channel.Is TPM can able to reduce the number of EDISeparator Sender channels?If so How?


Tibin Joseph

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2 Answers

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    Jan 06, 2015 at 07:05 AM

    Hello Tibin,

    Right recommended approach is to have 1 EDI Separator sender channel for each unique message type. Example: 1 ICO/EDISep sender channel for 850, another for 810 etc as long as  message definition (structure) remain same irrespective of the partners. If your mappings (values, rules) are different for different partners, you can achieve the same in message mapping. We have provided several UDFs to fetch data from TPM functional profiles based on FP names or agreements. So, in this way you can reduce no. of ICOs.

    Using TPMContent access Module and EDI Search Parameters modules is very important wrt. monitoring. Though you are having single ICO, but still you can search from monitoring screens based on sender id, receiver id, interchange no., TPM Partner name, Partner type, region etc. We have introduced special new EDI monitoring screens from PI 7.31 Sp14 onwards

    Hope this helps.



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  • Jan 02, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    Hi Joseph,

    I guess you can only use module TPMContentAccessModule within a sender adapter because it is on that moment the system needs the information for further processing.

    You can go for a "general" EDIseparator adapter, having all * in the different fields.

    That really depends on how you want to set up your system and to how many different targets (system) you want to route your messages.

    Kind regards,


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    • Former Member

      Dear Dimitri,

      Thanks for your information.If I maintain * for all fields in EDI Separator sender channel , Irrespective of transaction ( 810,850 etc) for different customers, will the system will get confused which ICO has to taken in runtime or not. Or TPM can take care of the same if my maintain Trading Partner Agreements for each message type and version and Sender Id's ,Receiver Id's as well as qualifiers for different customers by leaving * in Sender EDI Separator Adpater  ?


      Tibin Joseph