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Downloading Material Numbers from TS_SEL* tables in se16

Dear colleagues, good afternoon.

Please, help me with the following query.

I have a number of selections in APO DP: planning area DPNVMI_PA. I need to validate them on monthly basis, so it becomes tedious to check them one by one, opening them in sdp94. Therefore, I decided to access them in table manager to mass download a list of Materials present in all the selections at once.

I've found the Selection ID's in table TS_SELKO. Note, that out of ~20 selections that I have, all are present in TS_SELKO, but only 3 of them have a figure in field "Counter" (OBJ_LINECNT); others are blank

On my next step I go to table TS_SELOB, copy the selection IDs from table TS_SELKO and choose 9AMATNR as InfoObject. Now, when I execute, only 3 of selections (the ones, which were not blank in TS_SELKO) reflect some materials inside. Others do not appear on the screen at all. Furthermore, one of the selections reflects obsolete data: the selection shows a material, that was part of selection a week ago. Selection has been changed since, but reflection in the table hasn't changed.

MaxNumber of Hits is OK and doesn't affect it.

I attach the screenshots of both selections

Do you know, what can be the reason for such a glitch?

Thank you

SELOB.jpg (147.7 kB)
SELKO.jpg (297.0 kB)
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2 Answers

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    Dec 30, 2014 at 12:10 PM

    Hi Vladimir,

    Did you try to check TS_SELPO, with all the selections you found in TS_SELKO. Probably can help.

    But I don't know the reason for mismatch in the table you mentioned.



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    • Dear Jagannadha,

      it doesn't seem to be that way. This is a production system, constantly in use.

      May it be caused by difference between some cached versions, reflected in sdp94 and the "stable" version saved in tables?

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    Former Member
    Dec 30, 2014 at 07:39 PM

    Did you try to select in SELPO without restriction on InfoObject?

    Maybe you use another object to filter your selID on.

    Or try to make a new SelID with only one material and see if this is appearing in SELPO.

    It should work that way.

    Good luck

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