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Dec 30, 2014 at 10:45 AM

0PA_C01 extra line items or records...


Dear All,

I have been using Standard InfoCube: 0PA_C01 with Custom DSO and two standard DataSources (0HR_PA_0 and 0HR_PA_1). My data flow is as follow: DataSource:1 and 2:-->InfoSource1 and 2-->Custom DSO-->InfoCube. I had been using this InfoCube for last year or so. A week ago, I got a new requirement to fetch a new field from SAP ERP (Person block/lock) into BW. I successfully fetched the required field into DataSource: 0HR_PA_1 by adding to its "Append Structure". But during reporting I found that I have new Action Type which is blank and I found that some extra line items or records in BW for different Personnel Number, which I had not found in SAP ERP or in RSA3. Please find below screen shot:

1. Like in the above screen shot against "Personnel Number 149" there are two entries in BW for the same Fiscal Period or Calendar Year/Month. I'm unable to diagnose the cause of entry?

2. How to fix the problem? I have reloaded data as well?

3. In above screen shot one entry is with Action type and other is with blank Action Type why there is it so?

I will appreciate your reply.

Many thanks!!!

Tariq Ashraf


ScreenShot.gif (52.9 kB)