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Technical Monitoring - Remote Instance Availability Check

Hi experts,

yesterday we had the following issue.

A host was extremly slow. It was an VM-Issue.

But, the host was ping-able, so the host-ping metric didn't fire an alert.

However, it was not possible to make a logon on the system.

But, no one of the "instance logon metrics" did fire an alert.

I did check it. The thing is/was, that all the checks are done by LOCAL DAA.

And as the sytem was so slow, no availability-values had been reported from DAA.

So, we had a system which was not working, but didn't got any alert.

My question is now, I did see that in the template for "Technical Systems", there is a "ABAP-System Remote RFC-Availability" metric.

Which is executed by Solman.

(data collector is "RFC (PULL)" and supplier is "RFC Check from Solman").

I would like to have the same check, on instance level.

But I am not really sure, what I have to enter into the field "DESTINAION".

On system level it is "$T_SYSTEM_DESTINATION$".

Is there a similar value on instance-level?

Thank you

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2 Answers

  • Dec 30, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    Hi Christian,

    There is no option to check RFC - Availability for each instance. In Technical System that Metric will Check the RFC Availability using READ RFC Created to Managed system.

    In your case you can Create a Metric with CCMS Monitoring

    Try with this option

    Data Collector Type: RFC (pull)

    Data Collector Name:CCMS MTE

    For MTE check the below heading Availability of ABAP Instances under the link

    Availability and Performance Overview Monitor - Alert Monitor - SAP Library



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    • You can have all those metrics active to collect and alert on all of them if that is what you want.  At the instance level though I'm not aware of a way to test logging in, this assumes that your message server is on the same host.

      Also keep in mind that you should also monitor your agents to ensure they stay online as many of the metrics pull values from them.

  • Jan 22, 2015 at 01:15 PM

    Hello together,

    I would like to open this thread again.

    Today we had a similar situation.

    Our DB made a problem, so that no SQL-was working fine.

    Logon to the system was working.

    So no availability metric was firing an alert.

    All performance-metrics did switch to grey, as the are CCMS - and ccms was not available as no SQL was working.

    So I didn't get any alert, but the system wasn't working again.

    Any ideas, how I can make a kind of a check, which really checks if the system is working or not?
    Which is executed from Solman?

    Kind regards

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