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quantity of the variant object get change with the types

Hi gurus,

my company manufacture contain 74 compts. among them 5 is get assemble itself in the of the  component we procure from 10 vendors . each of the compt. except 5 component which we assemble in the company contain 100 types which we procure from vendor and quant is keep on changing with the type .how can we map in vc .and one more problem with assemble component.i give a example below.charger contain

below 5 component which we assemble in the company





3.dc chowk


5.line surge.

I start with transformer

it contain below component

component                                                 qty

1.core strip 40-70mm

2.wire copper 14swg(std. wire guage) fabricated angle and m/c

4. ms stud 1/2"x375mm

5.frp material

6.gasket sheet champion1/6" tape1"x5milx50mts.

8.cotton tape 5mil 1"

problem is that..core strip has multiple sizes like 40-100mm,40-110mm,40-150mm,40-65mm,40-70mm,30-60mm like that it has 30 ranges. if I take 40-100mm so qty will be 65kg like that qty get vary with the type.and more problem with ms stud it has 500 size. so every time transformer bom will get change according to type selection of the compnts.this problem associated with all material of the chargers. how should I map this requirement in vc ..I am new in vc.& I have gone through all the doc. which have been uploaded in scn. but I dint get clear picture if it. please help me out.


Meraj ansari

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    Dec 29, 2014 at 08:54 AM

    Hi Meraj,

    Thanks for posting a separate thread.

    My suggestion would be Nested KMATs (i.e. KMAT in a KMAT):

    Make Charger as Configurable FERT and create a Super BOM which would contain all 74 components including 5 assemblies viz. transformer, DC Chowk etc.

    Make all 5 assemblies also as KMAT or Configurable FERT (depends as to how you want to treat assemblies) and create characteristics of each assembly based on their components.

    Each assembly will have their own Super BOM (which would contain their components).

    For eg. in case of transformer, it's super BOM would contain

    Header: Transformer

    Corestrip 40-70 mm > Qty 65 Kg

    Corestrip 40-100 mm > Qty 70 Kg

    Corestrip 40-65 mm > Qty 80 Kg




    MS Stud 1/2" X 375mm > Qty 12 Kg

    MS Stud 1/4" X 370 mm > Qty 15Kg




    While main super BOM would like this:

    Main component: Charger

    BOM components

    1. Component 1

    2. Component 2

    3. .........

    4. .........

    5. Transformer (Assembly)

    6. .........

    7. MS Stud 1/2" X 375 (Assembly)

    8. ......

    9. ......

    Write an object dependency (selection condition) to pick up the component based on characteristic value (which can be their sizes). For eg, create one of characteristic 'CORESTRIP' for corestrip and define values as their sizes (viz. 40-70 mm, 40-150 mm, on. Similarly for MS Stud, create a characteristic 'MSSTUD'  and define the characteristic values and so on....

    I would like to know if the material numbers are different for different sizes or same within corestrip, MS stud etc..

    Kindly revert back to us if any further information is required.



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    • Hi Gurus,

      If I change the Bom component quantity by cs02  every time so it will reflect the component quantity in to the sales order while creating it.

      example in the contain 20 components

      cu strip is the one of the it has 600 sizes like cu strip 7.90x100mm,8.20x50mm so on...

      and I have created 600 components of the cu strips according to sizes and I fixed quantity each of them as 1 kg. but quantity will be vary each time of each size according to the calculation

      my query is that if I change the cu strip quantity according to the sizes each time according to the calculation manually through cs02 in transformer bom so quantity will reflect what ever I have made changes in transformer bom into the sales order while creating it 

      please help me out


      Meraj Ahmad