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Dec 29, 2014 at 07:35 AM

How to capture 100% data in SAP System for Traceability


Hi SAP Experts,

For Lead Acid Batteries Manufacturing Company, we want to capture ECV ( End Circuit Voltage ) & OCV ( Open Circuit Voltage )

of all SFG Batteries with their assembly Serial Numbers. 100 % data entry in SAP.

i.e :- Battery Assembly Serial Number + ECV Value of that battery + OCV Value of that battery

So that during any complaint regarding ECV & OCV from marketing , we could track ECV & OCV Value of that particular battery

from SAP System by its Assembly serial number.

Means :- what was the ECV & OCV Value after assembly & now what is the ECV & OCV Value after Complaint from Marketing.

E.g :- Traceability In SAP After Assembly

(1) Battery 1 Serial No :- 1234 ECV Value After Assembly :- 11.23 OCV Value After Assembly :-13.78

Market Complaint

Serial No :- 1234 ECV Value After Matket Complaint :- 9.67 OCV Value After Matket Complaint :- 10.32

In above example we can trace out difference between ECV & OCV Values i.e :- SAP data + Market Complaint.

So plz suggest in simple steps how to maintain same in SAP System.

Note :- I don't know configuration part in SAP so plz advise me simple steps.

Warm Regards,

Dheeraj Sharma