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Jan 03, 2006 at 07:22 PM

Modifying the text "Result" and "Overall Result" in a BEx query output



1) Is it possible to modify the text "Result", "Overall Result" which appears in the sub-total and grand total lines of BEx query output? I do not see any related setting the properties area of the object in BEx Query designer. Do I have to write some VB code or can I do something in Customer Exits?

Also my client wants that this text need to be made dynamic such as "Sub-Total for the month of Jan 2006".

I can use work book option and change the texts manually.But this is not meeting my clients requirement.

2)Is it possible to have dynamic title text for a BEx query?

We are on BW 3.5 & if any of you could provide / guidance to the above issue.