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Dec 26, 2014 at 07:26 AM

Produc 4 levels Hirearchy input


Hi Please any one help me in this requirement, searched lot in Forums but couldn't find this scenario to enter input data at all level combination and save data.

Requirement is attached in screen shot in Document

1 Product Hirearcy

2. Input template which require all levels need to appear in template

3. Master data of PRODH4, PRODH3, similarly other two levels of PRODH1, and PRODH2

4.Transformation file

scenario is as mentioned below:

For this sales model created 16 dimensions , users want all levels need to appear in the input, if created at parent level then data not able to save because 1st,2nd and 3rd levels are Parents. So for this created 4 product dimensions like prodh1, prodh2, prodh3, prodh4, and all levels data maintain in 4 dimensions.

But since all combination became mess up, so created one more new dimension which will be all combination of all dimensions which exist in model as properties. Now I need to map in transformation file the data for this id.

Currently I'm getting actual values from cube from BI to BPC

Now my questions are two

1. whether I build new dimension which has all levels and can input at all levels

2. or else should I need to create one more dimension which have all combination of dimension members in one dimension (which will be id's as some sequence numbers) and pull data from BI, but to pull data for this id, there is no object in BI.

screen shots in document

Transformation file




inputtemplate.jpg (107.9 kB)
prodh.jpg (9.9 kB)