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Dec 25, 2014 at 01:21 PM

Document Not getting split based on profit center



I am just trying to understand the concept of document splitting. as per my under standing we can use this function to draw financial statement based in different criteria. for example we can draw profit and loss based on profit center but if we also want balances sheet to be developed on profit center then we need to activate document splitting based on profit center. am i right? if so then u have following settings for document splitting. i have set document splitting characteristic as profit center. now when i post a vendor invoice through FB60 i gave cost center at line item level through which profit center is driven. now system should do active split and assign the same profit center in vendor line item as well so that will be updated in balance sheet G/L. But when i view posted document through FB03 in G/L View there is no profit center or cost center assignment in any line item. could any one please guide me in this. if i am understanding the concept right and where am i making mistake due to which active split is not being executed.