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Hi Experts,

Is it possible to make some of transactions (eg. approval, viewing of reports, and etc.) in our SAP ERP ECC 6.0 using mobile devices?

if it is possible:

• Do we need to avail new SAP Product that can support SAP ECC 6.0 on mobile?

• I tried to search it but I think that is not completely connected to my query which is SAP ERP ECC 6.0 FOR MOBILE DEVICES. what is the keyword/s for this?

• Can you give me links/ideas/advises regarding my query?

System Details:


Windows 2012 Std. R2

Oracle 12c

Thank You!

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    Posted on Feb 07, 2017 at 09:50 AM

    Can you elaborate on "Mobile Devices"? One Vendor / One OS or Different 'Form Factors' / BYOD?

    Because you could make use of :

    • SAP Mobile Platform to enable you Backend data (via OData) to an external Application ... or ...
    • Enable Fiori-Apps via SAP Gateway (offered in ECC 6.0) or Cloud on a Mobile Device ... or ...
    • Use you SAP Gateway (offered in ECC 6.0) as an Middleware for your SAP Backend (ECC) and some kind of Mobile (Hybrid? Web?) Application ... or ...
    • Use some older technology like ITS (WebGui) to enable SAP-screens on a tablet (Smartphone would be too small / clumsy) ...

    ... I mean ... There is a plethora of options, but you would really want to investigate what the company's need are : Field Workers in need of an Offline Scenario? Some WebContainer with a Grid of Data (Display-mode) as Management-Reporting, ...?

    I would currently research the NEEDS, then try to find your way into the possibilities ...

    Some References :

    As for Tags, please use the main tag "SAP Mobile Platform" ...

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    • Hello Michael

      Even though this is a whole other topic, I'm willing to post this quick reply ... You might not get other people to chime in on this though (and if you want to : Create a new Question in the Correct Space / Tag).

      I would look into the "SAP Innovation Discovery" as this service provides insight into new Functionalities that SAP Provides (through EhP) ... (Going to the Site / Tool, it will request an SAP-Login S-number ...)

      Purpose of this tool is to take your Current System as a Starting Point and Suggest all the possible Innovations you could implement through EhP to deliver additional Benefits. So you would get some of the Functional Benefits listed out there ...

      To be honest, moving from Non-EhP to EhP7 is a huge step : We've done our Upgrades regularly and depending on a Specific Industry and level of Custom coding, a lot of Time, Money and possibly Risk is involved in an Upgrade. However, it is usually the best option to stay 'current' in terms of Maintenance, Adding Functionality and having Official SAP-Support.

      On a Technical side I would start by looking at the current State of your SAP-Landscape via the Product Availability Matrix. Is your SAP-landscape (partly) out of Support (or soon to be) because you haven't Upgraded in a while, is an important Question to Raise ... See the other SAP information on the suggested Upgrade Path : link (S-User required) ... And finally, gather the Installation and Upgrade Documentation (mostly for Technical Profiles) : link (S-User required).

      Other references :

      • Panaya report on EhP 7 Pittfals : link
      • SAP Release Strategy : link (S-User required)

      Hope this helps. If not, raise this as a New Question (with the Tag "Enhancement Package") or Contact an SAP Partner or SAP Support to get further Guidance. Good Luck!

      Nic T.