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Dec 24, 2014 at 05:54 AM

Error while validating the Attribute View


Hi Experts,

I have created a table and used that table in the attribute view.I made one of the colums as Key attribute in the Semantic Layer. When I am validating the Attribute View . I am getting the below error .

  • Repository: Activation failed for at least one object;At least one runtime reported an error during activation. Please see CheckResults for details
    • Activation is performed with activation mode Check only.
    • Sales_Analysis.SALES_ATTR_VIEW
      • Internal deployment of object failed;Repository: Encountered an error in repository runtime extension;Internal Error:Deploy Attribute View: SQL: transaction rolled back by an internal error: insufficient privilege: Not authorizednCreate view DDL statement: CREATE COLUMN VIEW "_SYS_BIC"."Sales_Analysis/SALES_ATTR_VIEW" TYPE JOIN WITH PARAMETERS ( joinIndex = "Sales-Product"."REGION", joinIndexType = 0, viewAttribute = ('REGION_ID', "Sales-Product"."REGION", "REGION_ID", '', 'default', 'attribute', '', 'Sales_Analysis/SALES_ATTR_VIEW$REGION_ID'), viewAttribute = ('REGION_NAME', "Sales-Product"."REGION", "REGION_NAME", '', 'default', 'attribute', '', 'Sales_Analysis/SALES_ATTR_VIEW$REGION_NAME'), viewAttribute = ('SUB_REGION_NAME', "Sales-Product"."REGION", "SUB_REGION_NAME", '', 'default', 'attribute', '', 'Sales_Analysis/SALES_ATTR_VIEW$SUB_REGION_NAME'), view = ('V_REGION', "Sales-Product"."REGION"), defaultView = 'V_REGION', 'REGISTERVIEWFORAPCHECK' = '1' ) NO STRUCTURED PRIVILEGE CHECKn
      • Attribute deployment started: Sales_Analysis/SALES_ATTR_VIEW timestamp: 2014-12-24,11:05:14.348
      • Removing BIMC records for

Appreciate your help on this.