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Dec 24, 2014 at 04:50 AM

Expense wrongly classified as asset, depreciation is run


Dear SAP FICOns!

Please help me out with these 2 scenarios?

*I'm without accounting background, but I can pick up adequately if you talk in accounting language.

Assets acquired but in wrong classification.

‘- Dpr has been run for 6 months

- On month 7 only we notice that the asset is under wrong classification.

Pls advise how to reclassify the asset & to correct the dpr (assuming that assets has different useful life)

Answer: Do Asset Transfer within Company Code??? *do point out important things to note if any

Expenses wrongly classified as assets, actual is expenses.

‘- An expense was wrongly classified to assets ac, which was later realized that it should be under expenses ac.

‘- Dpr has been run for 8 months

We cannot just adjust by journal entry as the Dpr is now auto calculated in the Asset Dpr module.

Answer: Retire asset? mind to share the process and concept (involving terms like P&L and BS) ? *do point out important things to note if any

Thank you!!