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Dec 24, 2014 at 02:00 AM

Billing Variant - output operands to structure


Hello Experts,

I created a custom variant ZVAR1(say) that takes FLAG as input operand and INTEGER type as Output operand.

This output operand holds integer values(for month difference) that is used by next std variant (INFACT08) in the schema.

My custom variant ZVAR1 should NOT write to the install facts. The next variant writesto the installation facts(using MAC_FACTS_WRITE).

What macro should i use here? I tried mac_output_ioper x_op-o1 but its not working.

In the rate config(EA32), i am seeing that my variant gets called first followed by std variant INFACT08. In debug mode inside the std variant INFACT08 code, i am seeing some values filled up in XY_OBJ & X_OP-O1 structures. i am NOT able to see the value of my output operand coming from the previous variant(ZVAR1).

Can someone tell me what is wrong? Thanks Ricky