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sap upgrade stuck due to dialog instance not found


I am middle to SAP Java upgrade from 7.01 release to EHP1 OF 7.30, I am having issue in initialization phase where SAP MMC detecting dialog instance which no longer exist, I can't delete this dialog instance since server itself not exist,

In solve this issue, I tried following step

I rename the instance folder J60 to old_J60, I removed the  dialog instance profile from /sapmnt<SID>/ profiles, I also followed the sap note      871523 - Removing dialog instance from database after uninstallation,  and restarted the instance, but somehow when I am still running the MMC, it is pointing to dialog instance which no longer exist,  and give error like The host  name could not be resolve,?

would anyone can help and tell me how can I removed instance so http://<hostname:5<sys no>13 does not point to dialog instance and I can continue upgrade


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3 Answers

  • Dec 23, 2014 at 10:03 PM

    Are there any entries under services.msc pointing to the AS?

    Also if there are profiles of the deleted AS in the profile directory then remove them.

    It would be easy to understand what the issue is if you supply the relevant logs from the upgrade directory.

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    Dec 26, 2014 at 07:49 AM

    Hi Dinesh,

    Follow the below steps:

    1. Remove the profiles of dialog instances from shadow system as well.

    2. remove .saptream files from /tmp directory.

    3. Kill the sapstartsrv process if it running for the dialog instance.

    4. remove all the files from sapcontrol folder.

    Then take a restart of the whole sap system.

    Also do paste the output of

    sapcontrol -nr <dialog instance number> -function GetProcessList

    With Regards

    Ashutosh Chaturvedi

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    • Former Member

      Hi Ashutosh,

      I tried to above steps , but still no luck, I can see entry for effected server coming in sapcontrol folder, but  I cleaned up /tmp folder and also clear entries in sapcontrol and restarted the server and sapstartsrv, but somehow entry keep coming

      nzlsvfnux406:bjqadm 149> sapcontrol -nr 60 -function GetProcessList 28.12.2014 13:08:54 GetProcessList FAIL: NIECONN_REFUSED (Connection refused), NiRawConnect failed in plugin_fopen() nzlsvfnux406:bjqadm 150> sapcontrol -nr 56 -function GetProcesslist Unknown webmethod: GetProcesslist nzlsvfnux406:bjqadm 151> sapcontrol -nr 56 -function GetProcessList 28.12.2014 13:09:18 GetProcessList OK name, description, dispstatus, textstatus, starttime, elapsedtime, pid jcontrol, J2EE Server, YELLOW, Some processes running, 2014 12 28 13:05:55, 0:03:23, 22766 igswd_mt, IGS Watchdog, GREEN, Running, 2014 12 28 13:05:55, 0:03:23, 22767 nzlsvfnux406:bjqadm 152>

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    Former Member
    Dec 31, 2014 at 08:49 AM

    Hi Dinesh,

    Please go through below points if that helps...

    Upgrade tool (SUM, SAPehpi,etc) have a new instance detection mechanism which uses SAPControl Web Service API to retrieve the instances information in the cluster.
    Therefore, it is very important that the SAP start services of all instances in the SAP system
    are running. If a service associated with a given instance is not running, the upgrade/update tool will not detect this instance and will not manage it.

    Additionally, the new instance detection mechanism is not supported by all kernel versions. If you have an old kernel which does not support the new functionality, the old detection mechanism will be used.

    - SAP KERNEL release 7.10: supported by all PATCH levels
    - SAP KERNEL release 7.20: supported by all PATCH levels
    - SAP KERNEL release 7.30: supported by all PATCH levels
    - SAP KERNEL release 7.00: supported by PATCH 96 and higher
    - SAP KERNEL release 6.40: supported by PATCH 169 and higher


    If you face problems during the instance detection of the SAP system, check the following:

    Make sure that the SAP start service is running on each of the instances on each host in your SAP system.

    If you have a kernel with version lower than the listed versions and the update/upgrade tool was unable to detect all your instances, get a newer SAP KERNEL archive for your release and apply it manually as described in SAP Note 1122058.

    Also, try fresh with extracting SUM files again instead of using existing SUM.



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