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Dec 23, 2014 at 04:35 PM

Cross company PO Return - Delivery Complete indicator


Dear experts,

We are using a two-steps replenishment process between plants of different company codes. Plant A normally supplies plant B.

When B needs to return goods to A, we proceed as follows:

B creates with ME21N a replenishment order, NB, and flags the item as "Return".

A creates the delivery document with VL10B.

B posts the "goods issue", movement type 161.

A posts the "goods receipt" with VL02N, movement type 673.

The issue we have is that the purchase order item is not flagged as "delivery completed" (EKPO-ELIKZ) automatically after the goods issue or the goods receipt in plant A..

In the customizing point "OMCD - Set "Delivery Completed" Indicator" the flag is active for both plants.

Any idea of what might be missing?

Best regards,