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Dec 23, 2014 at 04:50 PM

Days of supply is not respecting the shelf life in PPDS (ppt1)


Hi Gurus,

We use PPT1 and DS board in PPDS. Planners when they look into /N/SAPAPO/PPT1 Days of supply values

are not populating correctly for shelf life inventory which is expiring in MAY be in 9 or 3 months.

We are using shelf life planning and my heuristic respects the shelf life but dont days of supply.


Total shelf life is : 720 days

Min shelf life is : 270 days

When i run my heuristic system respects shelf life and generate receipts if the inventory is expiring after 270 days even there is inventory.

I dont see the in days of supply when i am in PPT1

Please suggest how we can have days of supply respect shelf life and min shelf life.

Thanks in Advance