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Missing option in process control - terminate workflow.


I'm searching for an option to set parallel subworkflows logically deleted from one of the subworkflows in paralles. The subworkflow which sets the other workflows in this status should be completed itself. After this, the subordinated (main) workflow should continue.

Have been playing with header events in the subworkflows and it works but the main workflow does not continue.

According to the documentation there should be an option for the step type process control which I could use together with wait for event, which does exactly this - "Terminate workflow". But I don't have this option in my workflow builder for the step type. Instead of "Terminate workflow" I have "Complete workflow" - which is not mentioned in the documentation. But the problem with this one is, that the subworkflow gets status "Completed" which is not great in my current case.

Where has "Terminate workflow" gone?

Any other solutions are also welcome.



SAP Basis 731 - 0007

SAP APPL 606 - 0007

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    Dec 23, 2014 at 09:52 AM

    Hi Claus

    In the Process Control we have the following options which actually 'Terminate' the workflow:

    Cancel Workflow

    Cancel Workflow (Including all callers)

    For your case, Cancel Workflow will be suited as you want to continue the main WF.

    There is no entry as such with the name "Terminate Workflow"

    Correct me if I am wrong and you actually meant "Cancel Workflow option is not available in your case".



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    • Hi Claus

      Alternatively, you can use Terminating Events - Trigger them from the Main Workflow.

      In the Sub Workflow header, set those events to Cancel the Workflow (the current sub workflow instance).

      The Main WF branch will continue after you trigger the Event from the main Workflow using the Event creator Step.