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RLCDEL Dynamic Period Variant not working properly

Jan 27, 2017 at 05:54 AM


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With an objective of deletion of all past period elements in APO, I created a variant in RLCDEL mentioned in attached file.

Period Variant used:

  • Selection Variable - DD: Dynamic Date Calculation (Local Date)
  • Option - <=
  • Name of Variable - Last Day of Previous Month

After I run, all elements deleted for the future period.

Not able to understand, why it behaved like this. SAP OSS suggested Period: TO filed was blank was the reason for this deletion of elements in future period. I am not convinced on this reply from SAP OSS.

Anyone can guide what should I select in PERIOD to do deletion of past elements every month using a background job.


Pradipta Sahoo

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Tiago Furlanetto
Feb 01, 2017 at 09:46 PM

Hi Pradipta,

The report does not evaluate what sign/option was attributed to the field - the first is always treated as From Date, and the second is always treated as To Date. If only From Date is specified, all orders which fall after that date and meet the other selection criteria will be deleted.


If you'd like to do a more technical analysis, you can set a breakpoint at the beginning of FORM convert_date from program /SAPAPO/RLCDEL_CHECK_VALUES, then execute the report. There, in table SEL_TIME[] you see in LOW the From Date and in HIGH the To Date specified:



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