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Jan 03, 2006 at 02:04 PM

XI: Message-Processing: Total Runtime?



We have a Unix-Script which makes a daily statistic of our messages running through our XI-Machine:

This is done by selecting IB_SYSTEM, IB_NAME, OB_SYSTEM, OB_NAME from Table SXMSPEMAS and EXETIMEST ("Processing Time??") from SXMSPMAST. Both tables are joined through matching fields MSGGUID and PID.

This script works pretty well. But now, we want to see the total runtime of each message.

Just one example:

If a message comes from a ftp-server and is sent to a SAP-System:

First the message is retreived by the File-Adapter running on the J2EE-Engine. Then the message was sent to the ABAP-Engine (Integration Server) and Queued,... there and finally it was sent (by help of TRFC-Queue, or: sap TA SM58) as IDOC to the SAP-System).

Now it would be nice, if we could see each step seperatly, meaning: how long the processing within the J2EE-Engine has needed, how long the ABAP-Engine, and (this would be very nice) when the Message was definitly delivered to the SAP-System.

For example: a message is marked as done within SXMB_MONI even if is still in processing within j2ee (for example if we have to deliver it finally as file on a ftp-server) or if it is still in the TRFC-Queue.

Any help would be great.