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Dec 23, 2014 at 04:16 AM

Updating UI5 libraries in local trial Web IDE - How?


Hi All,

I've been playing with the WebIDE for quite a while now, and while it's looking very promising, there is still no sign of an update for those who want to run it locally (while the hosted version has been updated multiple times). In addition, there is no "free" option to get official patches (yet alone use it officially). Hence, as I was building a UI today, I hit a bug with UI5 that is resolved in the latest version (to do with groupHeaderFactory in XML views failing for reference) and wondered what I should do.

I thought it might be simple to update the UI5 libraries within the Orion/Eclipse folder, but it's not set-up the way I'm used to seeing UI5 libraries so after a very short exercise, the trial ends and I'm back to using Sublime and IIS for development. Oh well, nice while it lasted, but would be nice to get proper support for using Web IDE (especially as an independent).

But to the initial reason for this discussion: Any ideas how I can address the version of UI5 libraries (noting that there must be a strong dependency with the WebIDE itself seeing it runs on UI5).



ps. Hosted versions are really not an option for my scenario.