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BI Workspace on 4.1 SP4 PL4 Slow to Load

I have a workspace that is used when a user logs in as the home page and it takes 1-2 min to load.  This is via a Tomcat server in the DMZ with SSL and all required ports appear open and other apps seem ok.  When accessing via internal Tomcat, also SSL, its fine.

I also traced this using Google Developer tools and it hangs on AFDashboard... components.  I thought old school Dashboard manager was dead.  Guess there are some pieces of it still around.

I found the page that was loading slowly and attempted to load in another window and it was pretty quick.  So it seems to be an issue when loading via BI Launchpad.  The properties of the workspace seem to be using the proper base URL.

I haven't found any results via Google or SAP notes that seem relevant.

Any launchpad specific settings via Tomcat I may be overlooking?  Starting to think I may be head for a support incident on this one.  Going to pour through the Tomcat logs to see if anything turns up there and maybe so an end to end trace.

The gentleman who installed the QA environment insists it was fine before PL4 was applied, the PROD environment was like this pre patch so not sure I see a relationship there, other than maybe something was off before and it got "corrected" to his disfavor with the patch.

Final tidbits of info: Windows, AD Auth (issue occurs with Enterprise too), SQL Server CMS, Tomcat Webapps redeployed multiple times to no avail, work folder also cleared multiple times to no avail.

Data folder perhaps?

This one has me stumped and there are very few issues I can't eventually track down the culprit.


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    Dec 23, 2014 at 05:45 PM

    Here is some updated info after further testing/troubleshooting:

    I went ahead and used Fiddler instead of Google Dev tools.  Much more functionality added since the last time I used it.  Only thing maybe odd to me is that it appears that when the BI workspace goes to load is that it re-authenticates via a token but it does so successfully.  Not surprising as it seems to work kind of like OpenDoc but calls the Performance Manager application which I suspect is the remnants of old school Dashboard Manager and it wasn't worth the effort to rename everything.

    Some WEBI docs are loaded but the bottleneck seems to happen before that.

    So, I've asked the system admin to go ahead and execute an end to end trace and see if anything useful comes out of that.   Not sure it will ID much other than the location of the bottleneck since everything works, just really really slow.

    Anyone know of any detailed info on how the BI Workspaces work behind the scenes?  Not finding anything beyond how to use the app from an end user perspective.  Curious if there is a properties or xml file somewhere that needs to be updated that isn't well documented.

    Also, it seems to be slow inside the firewall as well just not quite as noticeable.  This is a multi-host environment with a high amount of CPU and memory resources and no processes are showing abnormally high utilization during the workflow in question.

    This one has me really stumped!

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    • We had experienced the same issue.  Logings to Bi Launch pad for certain users were taking minutes.  After setting limits on the probe instances, the login time went from minutes to a few seconds at the most.   I think my problem was caused by having a excessive number of  instances under "My Recently Run Documents"  from Probes.  Hope this helps someone......