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Dec 22, 2014 at 08:33 PM

SAP GUI 7.40 error



I have been using SAP GUI 7.20 (on Windows 7) to connect to my SAP ERP systems (PRD and DEV).

I recently installed on a new workstation SAP GUI 7.40 (on Windows 8.1).

The problem is that I cannot connect to my SAP ERP systems (PRD and DEV) from the new GUI 7.40 (I can connect from old GUI 7.20).

The error that I get is:

Route permission denied (my IP, 3299)

Location: SAProuter 38.10 on ...

Component: NI (network Interface)

Release: 700

Version: 38

Return Code: -94

Counter: 1850

Nothing changed on routetab on my sap router.

Can someone help my?