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Jan 03, 2006 at 01:01 PM

Linked Content - please help


Hello Community,

First, happy new year 😊

Second and now the boring part, some questions which I have due to the problem that nobody is here to test this.

First: I have the following situation. I have 2 rooms, one contains a FAQ. Now I have a link in the other room to this FAQ. So I can access the FAQ from the other room. Who can see this link? Only the members of the room where the "real" FAQ is stored? In this case, what does a not-member-of-the-special-faq-room see instead?

The second question. With linking content from another room I tried to search for this content in the room content but can not find this. Is it possible to modify or simple to activate a function to get also linked content in the search results?

Thanks in advance for every hint!



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