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Stock transfer from IM storage location to EWM

I have read similar threads on this forum but still unable to replicate this scenario.

I have 2 plants in company code IC01. Plant 1 is linked to an EWM WH & plant 2 is linked to an IM managed Sloc. I want to transfer material from the IM managed sloc to EWM warehouse. This is just an adhoc stock transfer & not a receipt from production and I want to use MIGO with 301 movement type in IM to effect this transfer. Not using STO here.

1. To which EWM document type/ item type should i map ERP doc type/ item type DIG & DIGN? I tried SWHI, but it appears to be only for internal EWM movements. Should i just link DIG to INB & treat it as an inbound delivery & process further. Is this the right way to do it coz DIG to INB linkage is not there in the standard setting.

2. Standard system provides WH process type 3030 for transfer with activity 'INTL'. I am unable to find a WH process type and corresponding activity for the above kind of transfer.

Am i missing out something here or is there some other way of processing this transfer

Appreciate if anyone can help me on this.



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    Dec 22, 2014 at 07:16 AM


    from the warehouse point of view this is not "transfer", but an inbound process.

    So linking DIG (if this is the delivery type determined in ERP for the movement type) to INB  should be ok. And the WHPT should be 1010 then (or something with the activity type 1 for inbound).



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    • Hi,

      the "code for initiator of a communication chain" (which is my most favrourite name in EWM 🤪) helps simply to distinguish the business process.

      There are limits in the determination of a delivery type in ERP. In that case the CICC is additionaly determined or assigned in order to know what exactly should happen. I can not describe all of the available codes, most of the processes I have also not worked with. But most of them you will understand when you have the specific business scenarios, like advanced returns management, merchandise distribution or production staging. In the above case, there is no CICC, at least to my knowledge. In case it would be - the system would tell you that it can not find a document type and show the CICC in the log.