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Enabling 5 character lang code (zh_CN & zh_HK) support in NW7.3


I have a SAP NW7.3 EHP1 SPS9 Portal.

Requirement is to enable support for 5 character Chinese languages (zh_CN & zh_HK).

Kindly advise if this is the correct forum to post this question.

We are using AFP and customized masthead.

In portal lang dropdown in masthead, I have to remove existing Chinese (zh) entry and add these two new language codes.

I have few queries: -

1. What will be impact on current Portal translation worklists that have been generated for rawtext/EN to zh translation?

Would there be any by-default fall back that when user selects zh_CN, zh translations will be loaded?

2. What are other configurations/settings that I need to make in order to enable this support?

We have consumer/producer portals scenario here. Consumer Portal is on CE7.3 EHP1 SPS9.

3. How do I make sure zh_CN & zh_HK language codes are passed to backend SAP R/3 systems?

(there are some iViews which are directly connecting to SAP R/3 via system object, without any producer portal in between)

4. How do I make sure zh_CN & zh_HK language codes are passed to backend federated producer Portals?

5. Are there any other factors that I need take into account while doing this?

Thanks & Regards,


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1 Answer

  • Dec 22, 2014 at 05:35 AM

    Hi Amey,

    SAP Portal supports locales in the standard way it is done by Java.

    Terefore for looking for resource translated to a certain language first there is a lookup to a resource which contains both language and country elements (e.g. en_US) if it fails it looks only the language (e.g. en) and only if not found uses the default.

    Please also refer to Lookup of Resource Bundle - Portal - SAP Library It describes what locale is used in runtime for a certain user accessing the system.

    1) If a user uses zh_CN or zh_HK he should get translations for zh if there are no specific translations for the country.

    2) You should not have additional settings. What you have done just allow you to generate specific translations for the country.

    3) If you are talking about AI (Application Integration) iViews then AI passes the computed locale for the portal request as a parameter to the backend.

    4) When working with FPN the requests are actually runing directly on the producer which is a Portal by itself that computes the relevant locale at runtime.

    5) Not that I'm aware of.

    Best Regards,


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