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Dec 21, 2014 at 02:04 PM

Calculate Depreciation only at the year end and excluding it on sale of assets during the year


Dear Friends,

I have a problem wherein i have to define a probable solution for depreciation.

Conditions are : -

  • Depreciation to be calculated annually only
  • Depn on the assets present at the year end only.
  • Depn calculation on sale of assets to be excluded while posting such sale.
  • Any assets posted before year end whether on the 1st day or last day of the year will have full year depreciation.

Do not compare it with a company type depreciation, since it is for a trust organisation wherein no specific rules exists for book depreciation.

Kindly reply as early as possible

I have tried Tcode OAYR - for shifting depreciation calculation to annual (which is helpful) for AFAB ( depn run only)

But for the assets sold during the year it does not comply.

I have tried Period control and defined a new key with the modified period control but it does not help.

Your help would be appreciated.