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Dec 19, 2014 at 11:06 PM

SMP 3.0 cluster: Deployment (publish) of Agentry is incomplete.


Hi Experts.

We have installed a Test environment of SMP 3.0 (SP04 PL01) in a Production setup.

We have one Oracle DB server and two SMP 3.0 application servers in SMP cluster.

I have created a "Hello World" Agentry Application and deployed in one of the cluster instances.

After a few seconds, I see the Application on the other cluster node.

But if I inspect the file system (<SMP_HOME>\configuration\...) not all files are deployed on the second instance.

It is only Agentry.ini and a few other files.

I can correct this by doing a publish directly on the second node, but is this really per design ?

Or is it a bug in SMP ?

Does anybody have experience or knowledge in this area ?


Søren Hansen