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Dec 19, 2014 at 10:50 AM



Hi Experts,

We are having senario, where we need to use product allocation along with MISL functionality.

- We are having MTO strategy and using product allocations for plant capcity. We are using GATP for SO confirmation based on product allocation situation from different plants (Location determiantion by using RBATP).

But in one senario for one cateory of product we need to check different locations but confirm all items of sales order from one locations only. In this case we are trying to use MISL (multi item single delivery) process along with location determiantion check for product allocations.

We have ceated 2 rules (1 for MISL & 1 for Location substitution). But while testing we observed, MISL rule evaluation is not working as well as it is not going in product allocations from sales order even though MISL rule is determine correctly in SO.

Kindly guide us with step wise process or provide documents to make it successful.