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Centralise System Landscape Directory

First off, I'd like to say Happy new year everyone..... especially those that assisted me in 2005!

We are having problems transporting through CMS due to having three SLDs - XI3.0 sp12, oracle and windows 2003 cluster.

I have tried exporting the SLD from Dev and importing into QA and Prod, but I get errors.

I think the last option (and probably easiest option) is to centralise the SLD for Dev, QA and Prod.

I assume I will need to set the sldapicust in each client, change the Data Supplier Bridge, exchange Profile and probably some settings in the j2ee administrator.

Is there a document/OSS note that can show me the steps to take?

Can anyone help me bring this matter to a speedy conclusion??

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2 Answers

  • Jan 03, 2006 at 09:38 AM

    Hi Barry,

    happy new year:)

    >>>Is there a document/OSS note that can show me the steps to take?

    sure there are:)


    <b>question 2</b> - <b>SLD</b> section will help you:)

    (oss note + sld document)



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    • Former Member Former Member

      I am using XIAPPLUSER - I can use any user right? also checked in SU01 and the user is not locked.

      Rebooted the java engine and still didnt work

      Thanks for the replies.

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    Feb 03, 2006 at 07:33 PM

    Barry, a quick use CMS, we need to install JDI. For JDI we need to install NetWeaver Developer Studio which is only supported on Windows 2000 and XP per the documentation. We have Windows 2003 the question: we like to use CMS on Windows 2003...has anyone done it? Any issues? etc. Thanks!

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    • I am having a simular problem trying to move our Central SLD from our XI development server to our XI production server.

      I followed the Note 720717

      When I do the system checks

      test SM59 connection SAPSLDAPI - ok

      transaction SLDCHECK - get an error under the LCR_LIST_BUSINESS_SYSTEMS but I debugged and found it is having a issue with the function SLDJAVA_ACCESSOR_REQUEST with RC 21 which is Communication failure.

      test SXMB_IFR - OK

      create a new software componenet in new SLD and see it in SXI_CACHE and be able to import it into the Integration Repository.

      Cache Connectivity test in the Component monitor - OK

      I think the error is in how the RFC destinations are setup with the Java Jco RFC registered programs. I would like to verify when I am suppose to use the XI integration server host or the Central SLD host.

      There are 2 RFC destination in SM59 that are used by the SLD from what I can see LCRSAPRFC and SAPSLDAPI.

      So if I am on my XI development system on XI_DEV and my new SLD is on XI_PRD. So when creating the JCO RFC destination I log on to my XI_DEV unix server. I start the visual admin. I dgo to the "JCO RFC Provider" service. I click on the SAPSLDAPI connection. Under RFC destinations the Gateway Host and Gateway Server are still the XI_DEV information? And under Repository I have the application host and system number and client of the XI_DEV system? correct?

      The only thing I should be changing in the visual admin to the new SLD server on XI_PRD is the "SLD data supplier" service under the HTTP tab to point to the new SLD on XI_PRD?

      Why does note 720717 say to change the SM59 connection of SAPSLDAPI to the gateway on the new SLD which would by in my case XI_PRD? with the registered program with the new SLD... I did try this and we had test messages showing up in the production system.... very bad. Why does the note not refer to LCRSAPRFC.

      I did not think this was going to be a difficult task but I am getting very frustrated. So I want to understand which parts of the config are running on the XI Integration Server and which parts of the config should be on the new SLD server.... I have many documents and one says use the Integration Server host and another saying to use the New SLD host.

      Thanks for your assistance.