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Dec 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Swap accural/defferal in TPM1


HI Freind

I have created a forward contract on dated 28.11.2014 ( Friday)

usd dollar =100

sport rate = 59 inr per USD

swap rate = 1

When i am doing valuation of 30.11.2014 (sunday) by t-code TPM1, valuation of swap is not taking place,

but while keeping the same configuration i have created a forward contract on 29.08.2014 ( Friday)

and doing the valuation on 30.08.2014 (Saturday) and 31.08.2014 (sunday) by t-code TPM1, amount for swap valuation is coming correct in this case

I have maintain the leading currency and follwoing currecny as 0

i.e usd to inr 0