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Dec 18, 2014 at 02:22 PM

Crystal XI R2 RDC ViewReport function does nothing in Powerbuilder 12.6


I have recently migrated a 32-bit Windows application from Powerbuilder 12.5 (classic) to Powerbuilder 12.6 (classic). It uses Crystal XI R2 RDC to print reports. All calls to the OLE objects to set properties as well as the calls to connect to the database and verify the report work properly as they did in Powerbuilder 12.5, but the "ViewReport" function of the viewer object does nothing. It does not show any activity on the SQL server and stays completely blank on the Powerbuilder window.

The code is split up into multiple functions so I cannot post it here, but I can certify that it runs on the same computer with Powerbuilder 12.5, so it should not be a configuration issue or an issue with the Crystal DLLs. The code used is very similar to the examples often provided on this forum and in Crystal RDC documentation.

Is there a compatibility issue in Powerbuilder 12.6?