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Dec 18, 2014 at 10:04 AM

Resize issue with custom Chart component (SDK)


Hi there,

I've created an custom chart (based on Highcharts) using the DesignStudio SDK.

It's working fine, but I got an issue when using a GridLayout: The resize of the chart component doesn't work correctly after loading the analysis initially.

I describe the structure of the report:

- Its a GrdLayout with 2 rows and 1 column, set to 100% height and width.

- in the upper section is a Crosstab, in the lower one the chart, both set to 100% width and height

- The problem: After loading the analysis, the chart isn't sized properly (it takes 100% width and height of the viewport).

When resizing the browser window, the chart gets resized correctly

The chart is renderd in the afterUpdate-event of the component - I guess this should be the right place.

I've tried to debug this a little bit and put an alert-message in the afterUpdate event. What I've seen was that the GridLayout is rendered already when afterUpdate is called, but it's not visible yet. Thn the chart gets rendered (with 100% height and width) but it can't size properly since the underlaying container is not yet visible.

Any ideas how to overcome that problem?