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Dec 18, 2014 at 06:13 AM

Document not found in lookup DSO...need to fix the issue permanently


Hi All,

DTP load get fails due to the reason no document found in Lookup DSO. For time been we are manually triggering the Lookup DSO infopackage and repeating the DTP step and load is getting successful. But I need to fix this issue permanently.

For that I have checked the load timings of Lookup DSO and Target DSO both are in one meta chain but different local chain.

Once the lookup DSO gets complete immediately after 5 mins target DSO load is getting triggered but still is not able to find the document number in Lookup DSO.

If I delay the target DSO start time by 15 mins will it going to help me? or can we set timings in Lookup logic to start 10 or 15 mins later? Please suggest different alternative approaches to solve this issue.

Thanks In Advance,