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Dec 17, 2014 at 06:09 AM

overwriting of GRIR Clearing account in ML8N


Dear Friends


We are implementing EXIT_SAPLFMR4_002 in ML81N T-Code to overwrite GRIR Clearing account while saving service entry sheet.

I am facing the below issue

1. While posting Serive Entry Sheet in ML81N, program is skipping few of service lines without updating GRIR. As per our parameters used, program is

not able consider all the service lines for GRIR update while posting accounting document in background. Here is the example

1. Service entry sheet is having 8 lines in the document

2. While saving service entry sheet, program will overwrite the GRIR clearing account as per our logic and post the accounting document correctly for 6 lines . But it will skip 2 lines. for these two lines there are no any GRIR clearing account entry in accounting document.

Strange issue is that system is completely ignoring these two lines. Sometimes 3 lines and sometime 4 lines are skipping .

If anyone of you have gone through the same requirement please let me know , how it has been achieved.