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Jan 02, 2006 at 04:30 PM

documentation for style sheet classes design 2003


Hi all,

we would like to change layout for some elements in our application (using design 2003), i.e. group header is normally light blue and we would ike to change into light green, ...

so we can see default style sheet which is very big. we can also change default style sheet entries and overwrite the default stylesheet with our changed entries. so far it works well.

thing is, there are many many clases in the style sheet and i have to guess which entry is the right entry to change. ok i can try it, but its very time consuming.

so what i would like to have is a documentation about all the classes in css file which are used to define the layout of the htmlb extensions.

has anybody an idear if such a documentation is existing ?

Thx a lot for all hints and a happy new year from Michael