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Jan 02, 2006 at 02:51 PM

IPC complex routine


Hi everybody,

I want to refer to another pricing conditions in my IPC routine (OvervriteConditionValue method)

I have three pricing conditions (320,330,340) and I want to calculate a new one referred to these three (the addition of these).

My code is the following:


case 660: 
for(int step=320;step<=340;step+10) 
     int counter = 0; 
     BigDecimal ZPar=PricingConstants.ZERO; 
     IPricingCondition condicion=((IPricingItemUserExit)prItem).findPricingCondition(step,counter); 
     BigDecimal Res=prCondition.getConditionRate().getValue(); 
     ZPar= ZPar.add(Res); 
     return ZPar; 

I want return the addition of 320330340 pricing conditions.

¿Is this the way? It seems not to work fine.

Thank you very much friends.

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