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Dec 16, 2014 at 12:54 PM

Merge Header column for characteristic showing key and Text in WAD analysis item


Hello Gurus,

I have one question regarding cell merge in analysis item (web application designer)

I have a result table which is showing key and text for a special characteristic-

Normaly Webapplication is showing the table like this:

Header characteristic
Keyfigure 1 key 1 Description 1 2 key2 Description 2 3 key2 Description 3 4

I would like to have an output like this.

Header characteristic keyfigure 1 key 1 Description 1 2 key 2 Description 2 3 key 3 Description 3 4

What I want to have is something like a "colspan" like in plain HTML.

Is there a Web API Modification for the Analysis Item which is offering such a functionality?

I hope somebody can provide a propper solution.


Best regards