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Jan 02, 2006 at 01:10 PM

Modify + shot dump



While updating an internal table I am getting the following exception, would be nice if some one help me to figue it out, what happend here...

here is the code I am using to update an internal table...

read table lt_incomp_calib_wa

into ls_incomp_calib_wa

index ls_sel_rows-index.

check sy-subrc eq 0.

lv_gltgv = ls_incomp_calib_wa-gltgv.

If lv_gltgb gt lv_gltgv.

ls_incomp_calib_wa-gltgb = lv_gltgb.

MODIFY lt_incomp_calib_wa from ls_incomp_calib_wa.



when I try to do mobidy, if gives me exception..... and here is the exception details...

Possible reasons:

1. The relevant ABAP/4 statement does not include the addition

"...INDEX...", although the statement is not

inside a "LOOP...ENDLOOP" loop processing this table.

2. The relevant ABAP/4 statement was called from within a

"LOOP...ENDLOOP" loop after a DELETE


Thanks in advance,