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Dec 16, 2014 at 07:07 AM

SuccessFactors-Integration Issues


As a trial we are able to successfully retrieve data from the Entity “Compound Employee” using SFSF sender adapter.

According to the business process need to use the Entity “AdHocReport_XXX” which is not supporting the query operation so not able to retrieve data using SFSF adapter.

Below are logs in SuccessFactors for the above error

Kindly clarify the below points with respect to integration

  1. In case of AdHoc Report how to integrate with PI, can SF team make this query-able? What are the options, is it using File method or through API?
  2. Is it possible to download Metadata from SF Cloud System or any ways to get the XSD without using the Eclipse Tools(Juno/Kepler)
  3. Can SF team create Custom Objects in SF to include all the fields as per business requirement and expose the object as API (Query Operation enabled) for Integration?
  4. In case of custom objects/AdHoc Report how to generate the SFQL and XSD in Eclipse Tool since it is connecting to the standard HANA Repository for modeling the SFQL?
  5. How delta sync will work and any configuration is required in adapter level or SuccessFactors end?
  6. Whether SFSF adapter can be hosted in the De-Central Adapter Engine?

Thanks & Regards,

Prakash Babu J


SF_QueryError.jpg (36.6 kB)
SF_QueryLog.png (26.3 kB)