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Former Member
Dec 15, 2014 at 07:38 PM

Accenptance by contact person error for 40007996 task "Revise Document"



I have an 3 step approval process for PO, and after each approval step, if the approver rejects the PO it must to return to UWL of the requester. For that I follow this document, but in my task ID number is 40007996 "Revise Document".

I'm having a problem with this task because when it is defined the Approval workflow ends with an error. If instead of task ID 40007996 "Revise Document" i use task id 40007994 accept decison / adjust Document the Approval workflow is executed with success.

In SWI1 i have an error in SRM Document Owner Interaction!! when i use 40007996 task id in Acceptance by contact Person!

For this particular task 40007996 "Revise Document" is needed some extra configuration?

Can you help me please

Thank you.